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With the VisuZ CLD 3D Filter and the included software products you can turn any supported 2D-Display into a glasses-free 3D-Device with ease.

3D-Effects that were once a matter of big cinemas are now available for your desktop. Discover a completly new 3D experience without the need of 3D-Glasses! Enjoy DirectX 9 based Games & Applications, Blu-ray 3D movies and 3D pictures as lifelike as never before! The VisuZ CLD filter as well as the VisuZ game driver are patent pending in Germany and other countries.


Latest Supported Displays

Developer Model Website
Iiyama E2274HDS  B2274HDS Link  Link
Samsung BX2240  S22A300B Link  Link
Acer S221HQL  A221HQL Link
LG E2241V Link
Viewsonic VX2250wm Link

Latest Supported Games

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